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Garage Remote Replacement Experts in Newcastle & Maitland

Garage door remote controls are a handy and convenient way to get in and out of our homes. At Frosts we are able to assist in replacing your lost or broken garage remote.

Some garage remotes are easily programmable at home and we can supply the programming instructions to you. If you have any problems programming your remote we can try to assist you over the phone or we have service vehicles which can come out and programme your remote on site, call out fees will apply.

At Frosts we carry an extensive range of garage remotes, if we do not have your remote in stock, we can possibly order it in for you. If you old remote is unavailable there may be an aftermarket remote available and your existing remote may be cloned onto smaller and more convenient remote.

Some of the garage remote brands available are;

  • Merlin
  • Gliderol
  • B&D
  • Superlift
  • Tilt-a-matic
  • Boss

If the brand of your remote is not listed above, please give us a call or email us to find out if we can supply your remote.

Example of a garage remote replacement in Maitland