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Dorma TS83 Door Closer

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Dorma TS83 Door Closer
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Decades of experience have gone into the development of the DORMA TS 83 door closer. The result is user convenience coupled with outstanding versatility. It can be adjusted to suit almost all types of door. The DORMA TS 83 can even be supplied with additional anti-corrosion protection for exposed applications or aggressive conditions. Classicline Door closer with self-regulating backcheck Quickly installed and adjusted even faster. A door closer for almost all door sizes and applications. Developed on the basis of decades of experience, the DORMA TS 83 door closer meets the highest demands of functionality and user convenience The DORMA TS 83 door closer is suitable for virtually any door size and requirement. The TS 83 door closer was designed specifically for exterior doors in mind. An optimized corrosion protection (AC version) is available for areas subject to harsh conditions. In addition, the exemplary ease of installation and not least literally the excellent quality make this closer the universal all rounder