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Master 4401DLHAU Outdoor Bluetooth Padlock

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Master 4401DLHAU Outdoor Bluetooth Padlock
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Product Brochure: MasterLock-Bluetooth Padlocks
The Masterlock Bluetooth Padlocks operate from most Apple IOS or Android smartphones (a free downloadable APP) removing the need for KEYS or COMBINATIONS. The 4400DAU and 4401DLHAU have their own INTERNAL BATTERIES and so don’t require USB recharging. These Bluetooth Padlocks allow you to SHARE and LIMIT ACCESS (time) and feature reporting of UNLOCK and LOCK HISTORY, BATTERY STATUS and any CHANGES to the LOCK Masterlocks Bluetooth Padlocks will notify you of UNAUTHORISED ACCESS attempts Automatic notification of LOW BATTERY (20%) life - a flat battery can be “jumped” and they have a MANUAL UNLOCKING (resettable) directional code built in