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Master Key Cutting in Newcastle

As access control of buildings becomes more prominent, the need to design user friendly, yet totally secure access keying systems is a large part of our business. Our continued investment in software and hardware allows us to service the needs of all our customers, including the most complex security key systems from manufacturers all over the world. Comprehensive assisted key cutting & stamping machines allow us to cut keys from codes generated from the ProMaster master key program, ensuring the security of your keying system is never compromised.

We are dealers for Abloy Protec2, Kaba Expert and Lockwood Generation 6 systems to name a few.


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ABLOY® PROTEC2 is the latest milestone in the development of the unique ABLOY® rotating disc cylinder keying systems that offers several unsurpassed and superior security features and benefits.

ABLOY® PROTEC2 is a Keying System technology platform that can be used to create Masterkey Systems, Key Alike Systems or to Individually Key a range of cylinder variations to suit most locks available in the Australian market. Extensive master keying capabilities and unsurpassed features and benefits offered by the rotating disc mechanism ABLOY®PROTEC2 employs makes it the right choice for building or infrastructure projects large or small.

ABLOY® PROTEC2 is SCEC Endorsed for Secure Area Applications. ABLOY® professional high security solutions are used worldwide in:

  • Government and Institutional
  • Utilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial plants
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Museums and Galleries
  • Corporate applications
  • Transportation

Key Features

Patented until 2031
Australian design registered until 2021
Virtually pick proof design
Fully resistant against bumping
Durable design and smooth, reliable operation without pins and springs
Extensive master key capabilities - 1.9 billion theoretical combinations
AWS™ Anti Wear System - A patented mechanism in the key and cylinder that prolongs the life cycle
DBS™ Disc Blocking System - Unique disc blocking system, DBS™, works using return bars. DBS™ stops any attempt to manipulate discs individually in the cylinder by locking the discs together as one solid package, thereby eliminating any attempts to manipulate or bypass the cylinder
Rear Loaded Cylinder - Increases security of cylinder against attack
Key - The ABLOY® PROTEC2 all metal key is a symmetrical design offering convenience and ease of use
Able to be upgraded to ABLOY® PROTEC2 CLIQ


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Today´s security standards set requirements for mechanical keys and cylinders for picking, manipulation and mechanical resistance as well as copying of keys and distribution of key blanks.
In ABLOY® PROTEC2 CLIQ, the CLIQ electronics are integrated with the unique, high security ABLOY® PROTEC2 mechanical disc cylinders and keys that already meet these rigorous specifications.
With the CLIQ technology and its strong encryption the new ABLOY® PROTEC2 CLIQ provides mechanical security combined with electronic security as well as the patent protected keys and key blanks.
You can obtain both flexibility and security by combining mechanical codes with electronic codes in keys and cylinders. The number of combinations of keys is infinite. Every cylinder and key in a ABLOY® PROTEC2 CLIQ system has an unique identity.

Keys get lost. This is a simple fact. With an ABLOY® PROTEC2 CLIQ system you can easily deny access rights for lost or stolen keys. On the other hand you can add keys and give them the access rights needed.
Audit trail control is built-in both the cylinders and the keys. The cylinder audit trail chart holds 1000 transactions in its memory. The cylinder audit trail shows the date and the time for an ABLOY® PROTEC2 CLIQ key when was inserted into the cylinder. The key audit trail holds 100 or 1800 transactions depending on the chosen key type. Audit trail shows the date and the time for every ABLOY® PROTEC2 CLIQ cylinder the key was inserted into.
Since every ABLOY® PROTEC2 CLIQ key is unique it is personalized for its user. As an administrator you use hand in/hand out procedure. Lost or stolen keys can be easily removed from the system.
You can design a system to fit your organization and your premises. Make it flexible within a department, within a floor, within a building. Build high security zones with ABLOY® PROTEC2 CLIQ cylinders and mix with ordinary mechanical cylinders for other areas.
An ABLOY® PROTEC2 CLIQ system is just as easy to install as traditional mechanical lock system. If you already have a lock system installed and wish to upgrade it, you just exchange the cylinders and customize the
new keys. In many cases you can even have the new keys made to fit the mechanical cylinders already installed.
With an ABLOY® PROTEC2 CLIQ system installed you know you have taken every possible precaution. The technology is built to meet future changes. And it is also very flexible and convenient for the users.
Having full control of your keys is perhaps the most important factor. With ABLOY® PROTEC2 CLIQ
you can remove the access rights of lost keys. Moreover, you always have the possibility to create “islands” of even higher security within your existing system.
ABLOY® PROTEC2 CLIQ key is easy to use, just like mechanical key. Key has access rights only when needed.
The ability to check from system whose key was used. It is very important from the individual´s point of view.
An ABLOY® PROTEC2 CLIQ system is as easy to install and as easy to maintain as any traditional key system. Even an existing mechanical ABLOY® PROTEC2 locking system can be upgraded or expandedwith ABLOY® PROTEC2 CLIQ keys and cylinders.


Kaba Expert

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This high performance cylinder system is suitable for large master key systems. The Kaba experT™ system has 22 possible pin positions arranged in 4 rows making it the most secure system to guard against picking, raking, bumping, impressioning or manipulation with a key. A wide range of cylinder options including mortice, rim, euro, cam lock and bible cylinders are available as well as specialised switch cylinders and padlocks.
SCEC endorsed, highest level of Secure Area use for government facilities
Local patent till 2020 and several International patents
Cylinders are available in Euro profile, oval profile as well as with insert
Suitable for medium to large master key systems
Safe against manipulation, impressing, bumping, drilling, tearing off and vandalism
Permutation capacity (theoretical number cylinder differs): 2.53 trillion
Areas of Applications:

  • Private homes
  • Apartment buildings
  • Business and industrial sites
  • Hotels and lodging
  • Schools, universities and clinics
  • Office buildings, public authorities, museums
  • Power utilities, public transport

Security – Kaba master key systems fulfill a high security standard thanks to radially arranged tumbler pin rows, best materials, exact precision milling and unique cylinder construction
Copy protection - thanks to the security card as well as computer controlled milling process and key blank protection
Investment security – the master key system can be expanded at any time and can be integrated into electronic locking systems
Convenience – the reversible key can be inserted into the lock cylinder in any position and requires little maintenance
Organisation – the customer determines in the master key system which key opens which door(s)
Identifiable – 12 key different key clip colours for easy recognition
Modular – thanks to their modular construction, the cylinder cores (inserts) can be used in other types of cylinders, such as single cylinders, thumbturn cylinders, cam locks, etc.
Bump Resistant

Lockwood Generation 6

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The Lockwood range of legally protected key control systems includes
Generation Six, a 6 pin tumbler system with a series of different key profiles.
Features and Specifications Nickel silver keys for strength
Economical restricted keying system for key controlAustralian manufactured
components Lockwood proven design and manufacturing quality Colour coded inserts for key
identification Legal Key Control Key control is fundamental to the security of your building. Legal
protection has been afforded to Generation Six Keying System in the form of Design Registration in Australia
and New Zealand of the key and barrel profiles.
Generation Six® Keying Platform Serviced Level System Generation Six Serviced Level Systems
are initially assembled by ASSA ABLOY Australia Pty Ltd. Once the system has been supplied,
the system records are available to be transferred to an approved Generation Six Service Centre.
Generation Six Service Centres The use of a Generation Six Service Centre permits local servicing of the
system for day to day requirements. Each system is registered and signatory control applies to additional
Identification of Keys With a distinctive key head shape, individual keys within a master key
system can be easily recognised through the use of colour coded inserts. There are a total of twelve
colours to choose from

ProMaster Key Manager 7

ProMaster Key Manager Software allows you to fully control key issue and return to staff and key holders. The importance and security significance of this task is often overlooked in many organizations, who despite having complex and expensive master key systems, have poor record keeping of who has which keys.

  • Schools
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Local Councils
  • Corporations
  • Hospitals
  • Sports Clubs
  • Utility Companies (such as power, water, gas, phone companies etc.)


ProMaster Key Manager has been designed to be very simple to use. No formal training is required. All you do is follow the step-by-step instructions that are included in the ProMaster Key Manager programme. All aspects of the tracking and reporting systems are automatic functions of the programme.
As with most organisations, key holders usually have varying degrees of security clearance. ProMaster Key Manager makes it easy to provide multiple security levels with usernames and passwords for staff to access permitted parts of the programme.

You can link directly with any locksmith or lock manufacturing company using the ProMaster Master Keying 7 system via ProMaster Key Manager. This allows you to receive regular updates and to order additional keys by email.
Networking is simple with ProMaster Key Manager supporting simultaneous multi-user access, or can be operated on a standalone basis.
With ProMaster Key Manager you can generate professionally designed reports that are clear and concise with the click of a mouse. Each report covers all aspects of your key tracking from issue to return:

  • An inventory of keys in your control
  • Who has been issued keys
  • Where each key can access
  • Who can access specific doors
  • Generation of responsibility acceptance forms
  • Compromised doors from lost keys


  • Makes managing key issues and returns easy
  • Provides alerts for overdue keys
  • Prints clear and concise reports regarding holders and keys issued
  • Easy to install, configure, and use
  • Able to track any number of keys
  • Locksmith supported systems
  • Stand-alone systems